Expose yourself to art you don’t yet understand

As I wrote in my post Insulate Yourself  I want to explain a little bit more the item in the Invent More post, quoting Seth Godin.

Today we talk about: “Expose yourself to art you don’t yet understand”.
The two key factors in this sentence are ‘art’ and ‘understand’.

‘Art’ has to deal with the right side of the brain. Our culture is based on making us exploit the left part of our brain: the analytic side, the one who deals with language, with tasks, with checklists, with homework, with tests, … For some of us it’s an easy trip (the left-brained ones), for some it’s tougher (the right-brained).

To have a better balance we should start exploiting more the right side of our brain: the more visual side, the more intuitive and holistic one.

Also the ‘understand’ side int he sentence has a similar meaning:

  • we are usually frightened by what we don’t know. Fear of change comes from here. That’s why you better face the unknown;
  • it’s not guaranteed that you can solve problems using the same info, patterns, context that generate them. That’s why you better face the unknown.

So this simple action “expose yourself to art you don’t yet understand” to me is a small step that can make you start the process of exploring  alternatives with the final goal to enrich you, your family, your life.

Happy hunting,