Insulate yourself from anonymous angry people

That’s the first item in the list of reccomendation that I wrote in the Invent More post, quoting Seth Godin.

Talking with friends I understood that this list is  not completely clear, so I’ll try to explain a little bit starting from: “Insulate yourself from anonymous angry people”.

We tend to act in a way to comply with what others expect from us. That’s natural and that’s why context is so important: to be in harmony with an existing context we modify our behaviour.

To be better, to be happier, we need to get in touch with, to by surrounded by people that can give us motivation, focus, energy or whatever ‘better’ or ‘happy’ means to you. And we need a context of people that are meaningful for us and our lives.

As who’s around us has an influence on our behavior, let’s start physically insulating ourselves from anonymous angry people!