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When you cannot change things, you’d better be disciplined – Claudio Feruglio

Need a way to get things done? You should follow the Pomodoro Technique by my friend Francesco (also on twitter).

Look at the new video on Vimeo: it gives a clear (and funny 🙂 ) idea of what the Pomodoro Technique is.

To know more, just go to


p.s. Disclaimer: I receive no compensation of any kind for this post … I just like the technique and I appreciate Francesco 🙂

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A child’s day from 9am to 3.30pm is like a 20-hour day for an adult. Children experience many new things every day and time passes slowly, but as people get older they have fewer new experiences and time is less stretched by information. So, you can “lengthen” your life by minimising routine and making sure your life is full of new active experiences – travel to new places, take on new interests, and spend more time living in the present

via The neurobiology and psychology that connect summer vacation with your morning run – Boing Boing.

Interesting link I’ve read following @abeggi (and his blog

Where would you love to  apply this ‘trick’ to your mind? Being back from vataions, I’d have applied it to my vacation 🙂 but as I’m getting old I think I should apply it to any pleasant moment of my life.

To tell the truth it seems a bit counterintuitive to me … isn’t when you are bored that time doesn’t pass at all? Any clu?


IF you are above 40, have a look at this post.
If you are not … have a look at this post anyway 🙂

Insulate yourself from anonymous angry people

That’s the first item in the list of reccomendation that I wrote in the Invent More post, quoting Seth Godin.

Talking with friends I understood that this list is  not completely clear, so I’ll try to explain a little bit starting from: “Insulate yourself from anonymous angry people”.

We tend to act in a way to comply with what others expect from us. That’s natural and that’s why context is so important: to be in harmony with an existing context we modify our behaviour.

To be better, to be happier, we need to get in touch with, to by surrounded by people that can give us motivation, focus, energy or whatever ‘better’ or ‘happy’ means to you. And we need a context of people that are meaningful for us and our lives.

As who’s around us has an influence on our behavior, let’s start physically insulating ourselves from anonymous angry people!



Courtesy of Lauri Väin, Some Rights Reserved

This year I’ve lost many things: some gave good consequences, some not.

I’ve lost 13kgs and this is good: I’m now in a better shape and my cholesterol is better!

Unfortunately I’ve lost some valuable colleagues: Andrea, Ilias, Sauro, Chris, Marco … and this is not good at all especially because for some of them I should have done more.

I’ve lost a championship and some self-confidence.

I’ve lost a (small J ) part of what prevents me to do what I like without destroying my sense of duty.

I’ve lost my son’s Christmas party at school for an Organizational Network Analysis and I feel guilty.

So .. god things and bad things.

Let next year be the year of gaining!


After my one more thing I was not ok. There is always something in the background of my brain thinking and thinking and not really getting it.

Stay hungry, stay foolish is great, inspirational: it talks about freedom, about personal realization.

But would you love to have your company fool of hungry and foolish people? Would you love people who gives you services (say your dentist) be hungry and foolish?

And how many hungry and foolish people were not able to achieve their results? But above all, where they in pace with themselves?

So is Steve a model? Someone you can reach in term of results? Or is it an icon? A lucky and positive trick of nature (in opposition of the trick of nature that took him away) and for this reason unreachable (if not by chance)?




A lot has been written today for the death of a myth.

My ‘one more thing’ is that this man, like few others, pushed the limit of how an innovator, a manager, a leader must be to a level that is almost frustrating: I can dream to be like Steve Jobs, but I have no idea on where to go and what to do not to be like him but just to go in the same direction … really.

I want to add two tributes: one from Google and the other from Apple itself.

Thank you Steve Jobs.


Quando non puoi cambiare le cose, meglio essere disciplinati – C.Feruglio


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