Coming back from a business trip, I went to pick up the car at the parking of the airport.

I went by the exit gate with my car. I put the ticket inside the proper machine. I put my credit card and then I hit the flashing ‘RECEIPT’ button and …. BOOOOOMMMM: transaction  canceled, transaction canceled, transaction canceled. No ticket, no credit card was exiting.

I called the operator that told me: <<did you push the flashing RECEIPT button before getting back your credit card??? >> and I said: <<yes of course, it was flashing>> and he said: <<Sorry, you are not supposed to push it, before the card gets out. Please park and wait .. I’m coming>>

I put the reverse gear, drove 5 meters back and … BOOOOMMMMM: my credit card was expelled by the machine, flight 3 meters and landed on the ground.

To tell a long story short: he came, unmounted the machine with some tools, got me the ticket and then I was able to pay and get out. <<Am I the only fool in this parking or is this thing happening more then once??>> <<It happens once every 2 hours, more or less, day and night>>

ONCE EVERY 2 HOURS!!!!! And …. it seems like they are not complaining about that funny ‘features’!!!!

Amazing software, amazing developers, amazing users 🙂