We have some behavioral pattern in the way in which we perceive things, communicate and learn.

Among others, there is the VAK model – see previous posts or Google for more info. VAK stands for: Visual, Auditive, Kinesthetic.

This model says that we tend to perceive using – mainly:

. visual patterns: we tend to imagine and describe using visual clues. So if someone writes ‘I wait for you showing in a clearer way what you are writing’, don’t answer ‘OK, I’l l tell you the whole stuff so you’ll be able to listen to my reasons’. It will be harder for him if you use the ‘auditive’ channel: he will probably be a bit upset.

. auditive patterns: we tend to use more auditive clues. See my previous example.

. kinesthetic patterns: we tend to experience more ‘physical’ feelings. A kinesthetic would probably write something like: ‘Please, came in my office: I want to touch with hands your solution: My stomach says that there might be something wrong.’

.. to be continued …


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