Thanks to a twit from Marco Montemagno, I had the chance to read a great article in Wired called Obama’s Secret Weapons: Internet, Databases and Psychology.

It depicts not only technology and psychology but also a lot of great ideas from different management disciplines: let me just underline few things.


In the ‘A day in the life of a field organizer’ they use Agile techniques like 30 minutes daily meetings-

You can also find One On Ones like MT guys suggest.

And of course the good practices, for priorities/tasks management, you can find in the GTD book.

It’s also very interesting the way they teach volunteers in week end training sessions of story telling:

"Ultimately, your story should move people to specific action by painting a detailed picture of how things might be different if we act, giving us hope that if we act now we can make real that different future," explains the training manual. (my small note: the guys who wrote the manual should be a visual kind of guy as he just talk about PAINTING 🙂 )

Read the whole article and tell me about your points of interest.