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The remote control of my air conditioning allows me to switch between heating and cooling. In the remote I can have one of two symbols:



Now, does the SUN symbol mean that I’m in summer and so the system is supposed to cool the room? Or does the SUN means that the system is supposed to throw hot air and so I have to use it to heat the room?

Same for the SNOWFLAKE.

What’s your guess? 🙂


I’ve collected some resources about “UX and friends” and I want to share them with you. I hope they can inspire or be helpful!

Incremental and Radical Innovation: can User Centered Design help?

Lean UX Is Dead. Long Live Lean UX.

Prototyping Interfaces via @prismatic”
– Piergiorgio Grossi

4 Facebook Features Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore via @prismatic”


“create a low-fi prototype at the first responsible moment, create the hi-fi product at the last responsible moment” @aslamkhn

via Twitter / @KentBeck: “create a low-fi prototype ….


Design Principles: The Philopsohy of UX via Design Principles: The Philopsohy of UX –- Higher Ed Edition.


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