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Design Principles: The Philopsohy of UX via Design Principles: The Philopsohy of UX –- Higher Ed Edition.


Some time ago I wrote a post called Tips for better email management: it’s a set of suggestions on how to manage the bandwidth of your email traffic.

Today I’ve read an interesting post of Seth Godin called Email checklist (maybe this time it’ll work!). Seth list 36(!) items in his checklist: a little bit long but it worth the reading (if not using every time you are about to send an email 🙂 )

Three years ago this week, I posted this checklist, in the naive hope that it would eliminate (or perhaps merely reduce) the ridiculous CC-to-all emails about the carpool, the fake-charity forwards, the ALL CAPS yelling and the stupid PR spam.
A guy can hope, can’t he?



Here is an example of how we can mess up the interaction with things: this is the ‘key’ of an automatic coffee machine inside its seat.


In the red circle you can see a small tooth used to fix the key to the seat: you usually need two or three attempts before fitting it properly. Plus you can note how (unnecessarily) long the key is: it really bothers you.

The beauty is that this fancy position of the key (standing up) and seating is due to the fact that a SMALL chip has to be next to the reader.

What’s also great is that if you have something hanging from the little half ring in the lower part of the pictures, it covers completely the keyboard where you have to digit the ID of the coffee you want to drink.

It seems like someone had to couple, in a hurry, two distinct designs obtaining a kind of monster #fail


Nice piece of innovation in a simple idea here: Wall Plug Concept Warns of Wasted Watts : TreeHugger.

Designer Muhyeon Kim has created the “Insic Wall Socket” — an outlet that lights up to tell you just how many watts you’re pulling from the grid with whatever it is you just plugged in

Read the whole articole for more details.

(thanks to Alessandro Galetto)


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