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I met a CIO like that. He told me his policy was to never say No to the business. So he always said Yes, and the business was always angry because things he agreed to didn’t get done, or got done poorly or far later than they wished. His Yes meant nothing.

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Last Friday was the last day of kindergarten for my son: starting from September he will go to school.

When we arrived at the kindergarten he was surprisingly sad: he grabbed me, hugged me, he held me tight. After few seconds I said ‘Giammy it’s time to go for me’ … ‘I have to go’ … ‘I have to go to work now or I’ll be late’ … but no answer and no change in his behavior. For minutes he stayed hooked to my leg.

So I set down and said ‘ok, I will not leave until you are ready. Do YOU want to tell me when you are ready?’. He nodded.

After few seconds (much less than expected) he let me go and said ‘ok, you can go now’ and run to play with some friends.

The simple fact that I offered him the power to choose, moved him from his current status to a more ‘solution oriented’ frame. Can you imagine a situation in which you can use this strategy?


p.s. To tell the truth, I did all this stuff in an unconscious way: I realized it just after analyzing what had happened. Cool 🙂

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There are many decisions making techniques: most of the them are based on the decision making process. They teach you how to split, to partitionate, to analyze, to weight, to make bifurcation or things like that.

Few of them are not dealing with the most important ingredient of decision making that’s also one of the most widely diffused illness of our management: (lack of) attitude.

Making decisions is like any of our physical and intellectual skills (mind and body are the same stuff, right?): if you want to be good at it, if have to do it and then do it and then do it and then ….

So the best decision making technique is not a technique but a mantra you will repeat day after day, hour after hour starting from now: "decide early, decide small!", "decide early, decide small!", "decide early, decide small!" …


By uncwshelley

During my commute, I was listening to the radio. I was not focused at all to what the radio was playing while I got hit by something … a commercial!

Speaker <<My mom used to say it about the undershirt>>
Mom <<You can’t get out without it>>
Speaker <<My friends used to say it about the bike>>
Friend <<You can’t get out without it>>
Speaker <<My boss used to say it about the tie>>
Boss <<You can’t get out without it>>
Speaker … commercial message … <<You can’t get out without it>>

In the plot I was not the target of the message but what my mind unconsciously heard was a clear message <<YOU can’t get out without it>>

Very powerful technique! It’s a mix of what are called ’embedded commands’ and ‘yes set’ pattern.

The only small complain I make is that they’d better use a non negative sentence. Our brain doesn’t cope very well with negative stuff. If I write <<think at a blue tree>>, you imagine (so you DO think at) a blue tree and then you try not to think at it 🙂

So a even better message might have been <<You need it to get out>> <<You must have it to get out>> or something like that.


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