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Interesting post on zen habits blog about the fact that discipline is overrated:

Every single specific action you can take to make yourself do something is motivation. Not discipline.

And that’s why discipline is a myth. It might sound good, but it’s not a useful concept. When it comes to taking specific actions to make yourself do something, the only things you can do are motivation. Not discipline. I’ve challenged people to come up with a discipline action that isn’t motivation for years now, and no one has done it.

via The Myth of Discipline | zen habits.

Do you agree? What does motivate you when you need to change? What are your strategies for change?

Watching the video I suggested in one of my latest posts Learning is Not Knowledge Transfer, I grabbed the last two screens that are a very good lesson, in my opinion, for leaders, managers, coaches and educators around the world.

Talking about the learning experience, the author suggests in fact:

  • Resources and not courses: give the persons the possibility (= time, possibility to make mistakes, …) to learn as a fulfilling experience, pulling the learnings from this experience and not pushing info in their brains
  • Make people care enough to learn … tough one … or not? 🙂

    And this means, for leaders, managers, coaches and educators: inspire! passion! motivate! build confidence!

    Give the video a try: it’s short and good.


    Courtesy of Haiko, Some Rights Reserved

    There are many decisions making techniques: most of the them are based on the decision making process. They teach you how to split, to partitionate, to analyze, to weight, to make bifurcation or things like that.

    Few of them are not dealing with the most important ingredient of decision making that’s also one of the most widely diffused illness of our management: (lack of) attitude.

    Making decisions is like any of our physical and intellectual skills (mind and body are the same stuff, right?): if you want to be good at it, if have to do it and then do it and then do it and then ….

    So the best decision making technique is not a technique but a mantra you will repeat day after day, hour after hour starting from now: "decide early, decide small!", "decide early, decide small!", "decide early, decide small!" …


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