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We have a practice at home: one day per week we have a ‘reading evening’. No TV is allowed: after dinner we take a book and we read all together.

Now what’s happening lately is that my 8-yrs-old digital-native heavy-iPad-user computer-enthusiast son started saying:

“OK Dad tonight we have our reading evening and you cannot read with the iPad, you have to use a paper book”

So I asked:


And he said …. ok I don’t want to tell you the answer immediately :).

You guess: why he doesn’t want me to read with the iPad?


Thanks to the post Summer Reading, 2011 of Seth Godin, I’ve found a very good list of Summer Reading, 2011 : I’m glad to see that most of them are already on my Kindle.

Here is some suggestions from PierG, some old and new books you may want to try this summer:

That’s all for this summer, happy reading and … what would you add to this list especially for this summer??


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