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This week end I’ve re-read an old (2006 🙂 ) post by Guy Kawasaki about called The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize a Blog. I’ve encountered it again reading the Occam’s Razor blog by Avinash Kaushik.

In the post (that I suggest to fully read), Guy writes down a list of 10 items he thought were meaningful to write a successful blog. It was 2006 and he was not much in the blogging arena but here is what he thought, being a great innovator and communicator:

  1. Think “book” not “diary”: from day one think about spreading the word
  2. Answer the little man: is your blog a good product?
  3. Collect email addresses
  4. Collect links for blog rolling: to link with interesting blogs on the same topics
  5. Scoop stuff: eat like a bird, poop like an elephant
  6. Supplement other bloggers with a follow up entries: help others to spread the word
  7. Acknowledge and respond to comments: you do care
  8. Ask for help: if you give value, ask your readers if you need
  9. Be bold: speak your mind
  10. Make it easy to jump in!!

I think most of these ideas are still of great help: what’s your experience? As a reader or as a blogger what would you change 5 years after? How can this be applied to internal communication in corporations?


I totally agree with Seth, I DO love RSS even if I’m a huge Twitter fan, for example.

RSS is quiet and fast and professional and largely hype-free. Perhaps that’s why it’s not the flavor of the day

via Seth’s Blog: In defense of RSS.


Kudos to the guys: their system grab 24 hours of tweets of the people I follow, producing a kind of newspaper called the Piergiorgio Grossi Daily.

They group similar tweets based on content, tags, media type and similar stuff and produce a great product: I’m seriously thinking of stopping reading rss feeds and just read the newspaper as most of the blog that I follow have also a Twitter account.

And if you want, you can receive daily an alert when the Piergiorgio Grossi Daily is out just clicking in the Alert me button in the newspaper: image


Few days ago I’ve found how to generate Automatic Newspaper from Twitter using a system called

Then I created my own newspaper based just on the people I follow:

Then I started reading it. What happened was that I was reading more this kind of newspaper and using more and more the ‘mark as reader’ feature of Google Reader where I read blogs.

Now the question are: does this means that will kill my Google Reader? Will I leave Google Reader and standard blog reading? Is this happening to you too?

More to come …


Here is the list of the top posts read in this blog in 2010:

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Interesting how the top posts, except the Home Page, are from 2006 and 2007: they are often reached using Google or Bing !!! Is this a message for me?

Anyway, thank you all for reading this blog: it’s a great pleasure for me to give this small contribution: have a GREAT 2011|


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