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I’ve collected some resources about “UX and friends” and I want to share them with you. I hope they can inspire or be helpful!

Incremental and Radical Innovation: can User Centered Design help?

Lean UX Is Dead. Long Live Lean UX.

Prototyping Interfaces via @prismatic”
– Piergiorgio Grossi

4 Facebook Features Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore via @prismatic”


The reason every experience has the potential to be unique to the user is, in part, because cognition is unique to each user

via Cognition & The Intrinsic User Experience | UX Magazine.

Cognition & The Intrinsic User Experience

Very good article!


Courtesy of me'nthedogs, Some Rights Reserved

You know, engines for race cars are very important: they give you power and speed to win races.

But have you ever driven a car on ice? No matter how soft on the pedal you are, it seems that all that power causes a lot of troubles … so you end up spinning around 🙂

That’s the same concept for race cars: if you have the most powerful engine but it is un-drivable you end up losing races maybe not being able to accelerate out of corners due to the high amount of wheelspin.

I think you have a similar effect with user interfaces of our applications: you may have the most powerful software to solve a specific problem but if your user experience sucks … your app sucks and sorry but you are going to lose: as easy as that.


I’m really impressed by the new UI of the Google App for iPad: polished, essential, nice …
Here are some screenshots:





Here are the first slides available from BetterSoftware2010 #bsw2010 (some are in italian). It seems everyone has read slide:ology and Presentation Zen 🙂 :

Francesco Cirillo – Dinamiche di team di sviluppo

Alberto Falossi – Crowdfunding (Prezi!!!!)

Luca Mascaro – UX design agile

Maurizio Delmonte – Come avviene Plone

Elvira Berlingieri – I nuovi modelli di business developer centered: un`analisi giuridica.

Giuliano Prati – Enterprise microblog per il Project Management

Omar Cafini – Sviluppare e vendere applicazioni per iPhone

Fabio Franzini – Sviluppare applicazioni mobile native in html e java script

Stefano Sanna – Application Store: opportunita’ e trappole

Luca Mearelli – WorseSoftware

Antonio Volpon – Recruitment2.0

(updated) Giordano Scalzo – Better Software Developers

(updated) Giovanni Intini – Agile tricks

(updated) Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni – Alcune lezioni che ho imparato negli ultimi due anni

(updated) Daniele Montagni, Davide Cerbo, Stefano Linguerri – Playing between the clouds

(update) Fabio Castronuovo – Management Agile e Improvvisazione Jazz

(update) Pietro Polsinelli – Una Homepage memorabile

(update) Roberto Cobianchi – Il project management degli avatar

(update) Leandro Agrò – Una storia di SW dai protocolli alla startup

(update) Salvatore Laisa – Augmented Reality e il web

A lot of good stuff!!!

If you know where to find other presentations from BetterSoftware2010, please let me know.


Sviluppare applicazioni mobile native in html e java script

Lately I’ve started being interested in presentations design: I’m attracted by the way in which designers can represent info in a good and simple way for people to understand the concepts behind them.

FlowingData is a blog that explores how designers, statisticians, and computer scientists are using data to understand ourselves better – mainly through data visualization.

In a recent post, Worldwide Obama Buzz Visualized, they show a visual representation of the mobile phone activity during the celebration of Barack Obama’s 100th day as the President of the US. Here is the result:


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