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Events cause people to synchronize and act together. When something dramatic happens on TV, with a favorite sports team, or outside our own windows, people come together on Twitter

via Twitter and synchrony | Twitter Blog.


Extremely interesting study by Google on the usage of smartphones, tablets, PCs … or better on the usage of ‘screens’: The New Multi-screen World.

Thanks to @HagakureLive to link the presentation in his tweet.


Few days ago it was my birthday. In the morning I wrote this Tweet for fun:

(in english: “how old I am!”)

Then some friends used my hashtag #AuguriPierG for fun and to say happy birthday like here:

or here:

And then the magic happened: a big set of spammers started using the hashatag and #AuguriPierG became trending topic for Twitter in Italy.

Of course this caused some people to be angry with me as if I were the cause … but that’s internet 🙂

How I stopped this mess? @tigella suggested me to start Block and Report for Spam any spammer and .. I did it.

How did it happen, why all this spam used #AuguriPierG … I don’t know but it’s a good lesson.


In my readings I’ve collected some resources about “Social Media” and I want to share them with you. I hope they can inspire or be helpful!

6 Tips for Twitter

Google quietly launches Latitude Leaderboards, threatens Foursquare under its breath

Social Media in Education – connect, share, learn, communicate and more

Why We Use Social Media in Our Personal Lives — But Not for Work

3 accurate metrics for ROI on social media campaigns


A good question when defining buttons in your UI is: should the label on the button define the action you want to perform pushing it or the state that that button represents?

I’ve always thought that the correct answer is “action”: being a button I expect that the label says what happens (action) when I click it!

Recently the TweetDeck interface brought an interesting UI solution.

See below: when you open the Account Profile window (ths Lorenzo Barbieri for his help 🙂 ) the blue button represent the state “I am Following Lorenzo”.

When I move the mouse over the button, the button itself changes his style and starts representing the action: I want to Unfollow Lorenzo (well, actually I don’t want but it’s an example 🙂 ).

What do you think? Brilliant idea or confusing idea?


Interesting tweet by Pamela Slim from Escape From Cubicle Nation written during the Work-Life Focus 2012 and Beyond Conference:

I’m not sure of the first see as it is too visual, for some of us could be more hear  or touch. So probably perceive is more correct even if see is more immediate. The sense is in any case it is more the perception of what’s happening than the anlysis.

I do love the feel part: we know that we decide with our gut and then we put in place the logic to justify our decisions, don’t we 🙂

By the way, nice Tweet: thank you @pamslim .


I’m at a conference (#CHItaly2011) on Human Machine Interaction.
I’m (almost) the only one live twitting. Donald Norman in one of the speakers!
I’ve 10 new followers on Twitter in 2 hours and … I’ve lost around 20 of them.
It seems that the more I tweet the more I loose Twitter followers: is this the Twitter paradox?

Follow PierG on Twitter

I joined Twitter on Jun 10th, 2007: a long time ago. At that time, and for a lot of time, friends were asking “Twitttt … what??!?!”.

Since that day: 10837 tweets, 750+ followers, 700+ following, 50+ listed … and a lot of fun, and a lot of good connections, and some business, and some friends.

So happy birthday Twitter!


Kudos to the guys: their system grab 24 hours of tweets of the people I follow, producing a kind of newspaper called the Piergiorgio Grossi Daily.

They group similar tweets based on content, tags, media type and similar stuff and produce a great product: I’m seriously thinking of stopping reading rss feeds and just read the newspaper as most of the blog that I follow have also a Twitter account.

And if you want, you can receive daily an alert when the Piergiorgio Grossi Daily is out just clicking in the Alert me button in the newspaper: image


Few days ago I’ve found how to generate Automatic Newspaper from Twitter using a system called

Then I created my own newspaper based just on the people I follow:

Then I started reading it. What happened was that I was reading more this kind of newspaper and using more and more the ‘mark as reader’ feature of Google Reader where I read blogs.

Now the question are: does this means that will kill my Google Reader? Will I leave Google Reader and standard blog reading? Is this happening to you too?

More to come …


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