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I’ve just got an experiment: I’ve got the names of the lists you have added @PierG (my Twitter account) to.

Then I used Wordle to make a map … and here is the result.

So it seems so my ‘personal brand’ as associated with people (that’s probably because you use ‘people’ in the name of the list like ‘agile people’, ‘italian people’ …), agile and development, things. There is some social too, web, ICTeurope,  influencersreggiani, reggio emilia, managertools.

I don’t know if I like it or not but … that’s how you see me 🙂

What about you?

Last week I had the chance to listen to a good training class on innovation.
The teacher talked a lot about his experience with several well known companies, talked about his best projects and then did his class.
Pretty interesting.
At the end I listened to a comment from someone in the audience:

‘wow, have you see how many good companies he worked for? And what a project! I’ve not understood very much of the lesson but he seems really good and he surely gave us a lot of good techniques’

What does this mean? That the content you are delivering is very importance but the credibility you have goes beyond the content. And it seems you can create credibility not only with facts but also through (hypothetical) third parties experiences. And if you have some content to deliver, it’s better you are credible if you want to be listened to. Especially if the content is good. And if the content is not good, you can try pushing more on the credibility, it might work anyway 😦

Our brain is so tricky sometimes …

Steve says that marketing is not about touting features and speeds and megabytes or comparing yourself to the other guys, it’s about identifying your own story, your own core, and being very, very clear about what you are all about and what you stand for ... and then being able to communicate that clearly, simply, and consistently

via Presentation Zen: Steve Jobs on marketing & identifying your core values.

Do you agree?


Here is a great paragraph from Linchpin, a beautiful book from Seth Godin: I think it gives what can be considered the (right) definition of Knowledge Worker (the artist) … or at least as it should be:

The job is what you do when you are told what to do. The job is showing up at the factory, following instructions, meeting spec, and being managed.

Someone can always do your job a litlle better or faster or cheaper than you can.

The job might be difficult, it might require skill, but it’s a job.

Your art is waht you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challengin the status quo, and changing people.

I call the process of doing you art “the work”. It’s possible to have a job and do the work too. In fact, that’s how you become a linchpin.

The job is not the work.



Here are the first slides available from BetterSoftware2010 #bsw2010 (some are in italian). It seems everyone has read slide:ology and Presentation Zen 🙂 :

Francesco Cirillo – Dinamiche di team di sviluppo

Alberto Falossi – Crowdfunding (Prezi!!!!)

Luca Mascaro – UX design agile

Maurizio Delmonte – Come avviene Plone

Elvira Berlingieri – I nuovi modelli di business developer centered: un`analisi giuridica.

Giuliano Prati – Enterprise microblog per il Project Management

Omar Cafini – Sviluppare e vendere applicazioni per iPhone

Fabio Franzini – Sviluppare applicazioni mobile native in html e java script

Stefano Sanna – Application Store: opportunita’ e trappole

Luca Mearelli – WorseSoftware

Antonio Volpon – Recruitment2.0

(updated) Giordano Scalzo – Better Software Developers

(updated) Giovanni Intini – Agile tricks

(updated) Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni – Alcune lezioni che ho imparato negli ultimi due anni

(updated) Daniele Montagni, Davide Cerbo, Stefano Linguerri – Playing between the clouds

(update) Fabio Castronuovo – Management Agile e Improvvisazione Jazz

(update) Pietro Polsinelli – Una Homepage memorabile

(update) Roberto Cobianchi – Il project management degli avatar

(update) Leandro Agrò – Una storia di SW dai protocolli alla startup

(update) Salvatore Laisa – Augmented Reality e il web

A lot of good stuff!!!

If you know where to find other presentations from BetterSoftware2010, please let me know.


Sviluppare applicazioni mobile native in html e java script

To all the sw dev who are reading this post: take some time and watch this video of Seth Godin!

Don’t try to resist, this is an hypnotical command: you have to! 🙂

From: Seth Godin on why marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department)



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