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How much time and effort should be spent on intake, on inbound messages, on absorbing data … and how much time and effort should be invested in output, in creating something new?

That’s the interesting question asked by Seth in his Seths Blog: In and out.

The answer? Make your guess and the check the original post!


Being a Premium Membership Subscriber (from the very beginning) of Manager Tools, I’ve the privilege of receiving a regular email from Mark called “Things I think I think”: as usual another very good piece of value from Manager Tools tools (if you don’t know them, go and listen to the HUGE AMOUNT of free content and then apply for the Premium Membership).

In the last one, before Christmas 2010, there was this recommendation I couldn’t agree more:

I don’t really recommend New Year’s resolutions, but if you like them, two suggestions:

  1. Just one
  2. Physical fitness

The ancient latins used to say “mens sana in corpore sano” and it’s something you really understand when you get 40: you cannot imagine how your performance (however you define it: playing with your son, making business, staying with your family, working hard …) is affected by your physical shape.

So, if you are not yet in your 40, don’t wait: start now (no matter the New Year’s Resolution 🙂 )!


Here is the list of the best posts of 2010 in the HBR blogs: a must read.

The Top 10 HBR Blog Posts of 2010 – Harvard Business Review.


Courtesy of Horia Varlan, Some Rights Reserved

Talking about communication techniques, management, time management and these kind of topics we have been convinced in the last years that we have to start say NO and we have been taught how to do it in a way is ‘healthy’ (see some references here and here and here). Saying more NOs should help in prioritization, in managing stress, in saving money, in our relationship … almost everywhere.

Now, what if we never say NO again? How our relationship would change? How could our schedule change? How could this effect the way we are perceived and we perceive ourselves? Could we arrange our life in a way to do it?

I really would love to have feedback from you about this topic: which is the single thing it will change in you life (work, personal, family …) if you start say YES?


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