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1. Lowering the cost of innovation
2. Procuring large scale resources quickly
3. Handling Batch Workloads Efficiently
4. Handling Variable Resource Requirements
5. Running Closer to the Data
6. Simplifying Hadoop Operations

via 6 Reasons Why Hadoop on the Cloud Makes Sense | ThoughtWorks.


The Art of Decision Making


The biggest reason that investments in big data fail to pay off, though, is that most companies don’t do a good job with the information they already have. They don’t know how to manage it, analyze it in ways that enhance their understanding, and then make changes in response to new insights. Companies don’t magically develop those competencies just because they’ve invested in high-end analytics tools. They first need to learn how to use the data already embedded in their core operating systems, much the way people must master arithmetic before they tackle algebra. Until a company learns how to use data and analysis to support its operating decisions, it will not be in a position to benefit from big data.

via You May Not Need Big Data After All – Harvard Business Review.

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What’s driving the internet of things?

via GigaOM Mobilize 2013 on Livestream.


We have entered a new age of embedded, intuitive computing in which our homes, cars, stores, farms, and factories have the ability to think, sense, understand, and respond to our needs. It’s not science fiction, but the dawn of a new era.

via The Third Wave of Computing | Blog | design mind.

Scary? Powerful?


It’s been said that agile BI is simple but not easy. That is, the concept of working in short iterations, delivering your BI system in small increments, and evolving the solution based on feedback is easy enough for most people to understand. However, as with many things, the devil is in the details.

via Ten Mistakes in Agile BI Adoption.

Sure it is in the details and as far as I see, agile BI is not that easy 🙂


Social media seems to get a bad reputation nowadays, what with recurring talks of privacy concerns and freedom of speech restrictions. It’s understandable, of course; platforms like Facebook and Twitter are for many the primary means of communicating with large groups of people and have collected a huge amount of information about us. These details can reveal a lot about our daily lives and personal convictions, so what’s done with that data is important.

via 20 apps and resources that do cool things with your social data – The Next Web.


Events cause people to synchronize and act together. When something dramatic happens on TV, with a favorite sports team, or outside our own windows, people come together on Twitter

via Twitter and synchrony | Twitter Blog.


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