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Hi-Tech Tools for Effective Meetings

I’m using this powerful Hi-Tech Tool for Effective Meetings: the cover of a carton box with this sentence FOR A BETTER (and FASTER) MEETING PLEASE SHUT DOWN YOUR PC AND PUT HERE YOUR SMARTPHONE And it works so far 🙂 If you want more info on effective meetings choose from the list here. And I […]

Do We Need Meetings?

By llawliet Why do we generally hate meetings? Because they are boring, long, useless, … Plus it’s really cutting edge and cool: “I don’t go to meetings”, “I hate meetings”, “we don’t need meetings” … and this is truth for advices fomr ‘business coaches’ too: “don’t loose time in meeting”. What’s strange is that the […]

Better Communication

In our working life, we have many different kind of people we want to or have to communicate with (hopefully using the best communication tool). There are several official moments /ways (often meetings) in which we do these kind of communications but no matter how good we are in managing this net, there is always […]

I met Francesco …

I met Francesco Cirillo 7 years ago when I attended an XP workshop put on by his company XPLabs. In the years since then I’ve had a number of occasions to work with him and listen to his talks. I’ve always liked the way that he is able to take his in-depth knowledge and wide-ranging […]

Working in the World of Web2.0

Another very good article in the Zen Habits blog (subscribe to it: it worth the read) called 12 New Rules of Working You Should Embrace Today. And here they are: Online apps and the cloud beat the desktop and hard drive Collaborate on documents, don’t email them Collaboration is the new productivity People don’t have […]

Improving Performance

During a meeting I had some time ago, I listed a bunch of topics I noticed during the conversation. For these topics I could have some hints to improve performance of that team: Parkinson’s Law Safe margin or buffer management Being in rapport Effective communication Conflict management The map is not the territory Commitment Sense of […]

Time Management

As many wise people use to say: it’s not a matter of time is a matter of priority. You’ll be always overwhelmed by something (that someone states it’s ) urgent and important. And you have to decide who drives in your life: you or the others. When you plan your day / week / life / meeting / […]

Managing e-mail

If you read this blog, you know I’ve some post on effective e-mail communication. I’ve a new one to add: it’s a suggestion to read this post in the Career Intensity Blog by Dave Lorenzo. There is an interesting sort of ‘survey’ about excuses on why people are so bad in answering / managing emails. Here […]

What can I do to move up the conversation with someone that is not used to listen?

I’ve received this interesting comment (Luka: what can I do to move up the conversation with someone that is not used to listen?) to a previous post. Of course it’s not easy to answer and I’ll try to give some ideas based on what I know and my experience. think at what YOU can do to […]