Courtesy of derekGavey

Last week during the UX Conference, there were some talks about disruptive innovation coming from (even slightly) changing something that already exists. An example is the talk of my friend Cesare Bottini called Reinventing the wheel.

During the conf, there was a gentleman from BTicino: a very well known Italian company “one of the most important manufacturers in the world in the field of low-voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces, that integrate solutions for energy distribution, communication (audio and video door entry systems) and for the control of lighting, sound distribution, climate and safety”

Now they kind of ‘own’ the Italian market. I don’t know the numbers but let’s say that 30% of italian houses have light switches (just to name a component) from BTicino.

As they want to move ahead in the “home automation” process, these old components we already have in our houses might sound like a problem but I think instead they are a great advantage as … we already have them in our houses.

So what would you do to exploit this problem/advantage (they already have their ‘old’ light switches in our houses) to generate innovation and make a step in the future of more ‘automated’/digital houses?

Interesting challenge 🙂 Post here your ideas!