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A child’s day from 9am to 3.30pm is like a 20-hour day for an adult. Children experience many new things every day and time passes slowly, but as people get older they have fewer new experiences and time is less stretched by information. So, you can “lengthen” your life by minimising routine and making sure your life is full of new active experiences – travel to new places, take on new interests, and spend more time living in the present

via The neurobiology and psychology that connect summer vacation with your morning run – Boing Boing.

Interesting link I’ve read following @abeggi (and his blog

Where would you love to  apply this ‘trick’ to your mind? Being back from vataions, I’d have applied it to my vacation 🙂 but as I’m getting old I think I should apply it to any pleasant moment of my life.

To tell the truth it seems a bit counterintuitive to me … isn’t when you are bored that time doesn’t pass at all? Any clu?