Plans are mandatory. Make one, follow it.
Adapt the Plan to the emerging situation.
Without a Plan you’ll never know what DONE looks like.
Ignore that silly advice of respond to change over following the Plan
If you respond without a change in plans you’re lost and will not recognize DONE when it arrives.

via Herding Cats: Planning.

I do love Glen Alleman and his blog. I often agree with him and in any case I find his posts interesting.

What I don’t like about his new post is the mix between the concept of Plan (uppercase P 🙂 ) and the definition of DONE.

It seems that something is DONE above all when you have done the last activity in your plan. And this might also be true but I don’t like the idea of coupling the concept of DONE with the execution of the plan.

DONE to me is about users using what you have produced, it’s not about someone having followed a plan. I prefer to stress the coupling between DONE & value actually being sucked from the product you have delivered. Or couple with the concept of learning: DONE it’s about giving the possibility to learn and explore.

The plan is important … and it’s not the goal, it’s not the DONE to me: that’s way, while there is value in following a plan, I value the response to change more if it helps in getting to DONE.

My 2€ cents,