ok I know some things about IT projects:

1. many IT projects I know usually fail

2. the vast majority of big IT projects I know in Corporate IT fails

Now the question is why? Because if I can understand why, maybe I can solve problem and suxk less 🙂

Unfortunately there are many reasons, but I want to underline one of these reasons that’s particularly true for big projects that span across different business units or areas in a corporations (like CRMs, ERPs …): lack of Product Owner.

Who has the ownership of the project? Who’s accountable for the functionality of the Project / Product as a whole? Who’s responsible that what’s been developed is good for the company and is coherent with the company strategy?

Yes you can find Owners for each business unit or area (maybe!) but what about the Corporate view? Is IT responsible for it? Has IT knowledge or power enough to close this gap?