I remember a sunny Saturday afternoon when I was watching my son making his first attempts to walk. It was funny to see him holding a chair, making an uncertain step and falling down. And then standing up again, making a first and this time a second step … trying to find a good balance … and falling down.

That afternoon I received a phone call from a friend of mine, the owner of a mid-size company, who was complaining for the quality and the performance of the products his company was producing.

“PierG – he said – we lose too much time, we spend too many money: we have to do it right the first time. That’s what I’m starting saying to my management team: we are good, we can do it, we have to be smarter and do products right the first time. In this way we can be faster, cut costs and avoid waste. Waste .. waste … that’s what that Lean stuff is all about, right?”

Do you want to know what happened? After 8 months my son, trying and failing and learning and trying and failing and learning and … was able to walk and even to run. My friend, the CEO? He closed his business.


p.s. Of course this is all fiction … of course 🙂

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