This is the story of a manager, an engineer, who was very efficient. He was efficient, his team was efficient: they were operationally great.

Once he hired a brand new employee called Giammy: he was not an engineer, and he was very passionate. People seemed to be very good, very fast, very efficient: they were able to produce at almost constant speed and quality. Every problem was quickly solved and the ‘errors’ canceled getting back the flow to his std behaviour. But .. he couldn’t understand why the products of his new company where so … average. I mean yes, good, with low operative expenses but … average. And in fact the company was loosing market share. But they were very efficient.

One day the boss of the manager asked him to be more efficient because … he had to cut costs (due to the lack of revenues for average products).

So the manager asked Giammy to look into the problem and Giammy passionately started to ask questions, to propose new ideas, to change procedures . Yes the things Giammy was doing were not straight but he had so much passion and was able to involve his colleagues.

But the boss used to say to him “Giammy, the line is the shortest path from A to B. Be more efficient. Be more precise”.

And Giammy kept pushing and jumping from one idea to another, changing path, mixing and matching. And the boss “Giammy, I like you passion but, you know, passion is inefficient”.

And the company closed.


p.s. I am an engineer 🙂