Our Public National TV (RAI TV) is not known in Italy for being highly innovative.
But … it has an interesting set of option in the streaming side that’s, as far as I know, unique (and free!!) in Italy.
You can see almost anything on any channel live in streaming just going to the site www.rai.tv: here is the channel 1 link as an example.
The real time streaming is also visible on iOS (not tested on Android but I guess it works) without any extra app.
You can see, for free, almost all the shows from the previous week for channels 1,2,3 and 5 going to the RAI Replay site (here RAI 1 as an example).
Some of the shows are stored for on demand streaming (as an example a piece of SanRemo 2012).
Of course there is streaming for the Radio channels and special web events are available.
For some (very few for now as far as I know) events there is also an HD streaming available.
Not bad, congrats!