My Agile Day 2011 can be summarized in my live twtting. You can read it directly in Twitter or here:

Is sw evolution really effective? @cirillof
“in this hour that we have – 2 Pomodoro” 🙂 @cirillof
We build productivity engines: we sell them and we fix them @cirillof
I help teams to build sw feature by feature in an effective way@cirillof
.@KentBeck is ‘in the air’ here at  /cc @cirillof
With a McCabe of 300, boxes start vibrating 🙂 /cc @cirillof
McCabe of 5 is still not good @cirillof #haFattoLoSborone 🙂
Is sw evolution really effective? How much should effective sw evolution cost? @cirillof
PierG: I don’t think the audience at  cares much about sw costs: it’s a manger problem 😉 /cc @cirillof
“requirements are complete” ROTFL @cirillof
The Team is in the house 🙂
If in your production process you have to know EVERY REQUIREMENTS, this is not what agile meant @cirillof
Pomodoro 1 rang: slow down, breath, eat something … 🙂 @cirillof
Agile for me doesnt mean much: I talk about XP @cirillof
With ‘requirement extensions’ the underlying structure of your code is not at risk @cirillof
I don’t want to consider all requirements as a whole: I want to consider one requirement at a time. That what XP was @cirillof
Changing method names is not evolution, evolution is moving what’s needed, the core … @cirillof
In XP tests are used to build / design code not to test it @cirillof
all methodologies (except waterfall) are evolutive in the sense that sw evolves @cirillof
“sw must be flexible” <- are you sure you can be really flexible?@cirillof
“emergent” <- it’s up to us to know what have to emerge. There is no strategy in saying “emerging sw” @cirillof
What kind of TDD do you practice? In ’99 when I started there was just one way @cirillof
Neither the word emergent nor evolutive can give you a strategy to do something: they don’t give you a test, a method a .. @cirillof
Tools are so powerful that you might not know that even if you have cont integration, TDD … you are producing code monsters
Often managers and developers thnk that if earnings are high, costs can be high too @cirillof #fail
Improvement can be measured also lowering costs @cirillof
Teams should continuously reduce costs if they are effective (reduce IS NOT cut) @cirillof
How much does effective sw evolution costs?
Cost x feature should go down during time in an effective team@cirillof
What’s experience? By learning we should be better as time goes by but … this doesnt happen so frequently @cirillof
Compare costs with code complexity … You might think you are effective but … @cirillof
If you cost too much … you are not going to work a lot. We must be good at costing less (=be better)
In my test case, experienced teams cost more. The value of agile experience or the cost of agile experience? 🙂 @cirillof #pallonari
The more your development goes on, the more your design structures are limiting you … unfortunately @cirillof
Would you buy your sw? First you should start measuring how much your sw costs @cirillof
You should interested in increments: how much you cost less or more to produce the same kind of feature? All the rest is bullsxxt
Do you want to be involved? Contact @cirillof
Nice talk, bravo @cirillof
Rewriting sw is better than evolving? If your cost increments, recognize the sw dev lifecycle you are using and act accordingly
@spiff1281 Yvonne tutta la vita! #iad11
40PierGLive PierG Live Conf
XP is in any case a step ahead of what I see called Agile today@cirillof
More people than expected to listen to Yvonee: not just geeks at  🙂
A product is usable if when I use it for the first time, I can use it and when I get back I remember how to use it
Usability is a metric for the product
Usability is relative to a lot of factors: it depends on the context and the user experience @yvonnebindi
Commands that we use in interface should follow the same patterns
When a word move from std language to command in a menu is together the word,the command and the action @yvonnebindi
save without sending’ is worst than ‘save’ : it makes you start asking questions (sending what?)
@spiff1281 poi fammi sapere 🙂 #iad11
‘varco attivo’ non vuol dire che puoi passare, vuol dire che sono attivi i controlli che multano chi non ha il permesso @Yvonnebindi #iad11
I dont care to know the status of a system, I care to know what I have to do with that status of the system @yvonnebindi #ux
People doesn’t read instructions. PERIOD. and it’s often because instructions are not meant/written to help 🙂 @yvonnebindi
una targhetta appiccicata ad una porta deve riguardare la porta non la sala’ @yvonnebindi
Small, very commonly used terms, should be used in a way there is no doubt @yvonnebindi
“smoking is FORBIDDEN” written in the door of a reservoir, is read 80% of time as “entering is FORBIDDEN” @yvonnebindi
We don’t read as computers, linearly, we jump anticipating and looking for confirmation in future words @yvonnebindi
Conventions are important too. Following them is not original but it works. Beware to break it! @yvonnebindi
To break conventions you must have a good reason and good earnings (for who’s using your system) @yvonnebindi #ux
@spiff1281 ti stai perdendo qualcosa, @yvonnebindi rocks 🙂 #iad11
“fresh sandwich”. People don’t read: they don’t see “sandwiches are freshly prepared” the look for the sandwich called “fresh”
We look for coherence principles (it helps to manage complexity): in menus you expect sandwiches names not the state of components
@_G_P_ parliamone #iad11 #alibi #responsabilità
A name is already a definition by itself: thnk of it when you put words in your UI #ux
When you put a question in a way that you have to choose yes when you want to say no you make some mess #referendum@yvonnebindi
Sorry not to be with @agilesensei but @yvonnebindi is great and I know less her topic
@jitidea semblance molto ‘non siamo qui a smacchiare i giaguari’ 🙂 #iad11
Be kind with people is good also because it gives a sense of trust to the counterpart @yvonnebindi  #ux
“è vietato scendere dalla parte opposta al marciapiede destinato al servizio viaggiatori” come mi sento trattato dachi lo hascritto?
trenitalia ha perso il treno’ #battutone 🙂
@ziobrando @agilesensei definire impedimenti please #babysitting?#iad11
Messages should be: visible, recognizable, understandable, usable@yvonnebindi
“DOOR CLOSED between 2 and 3” is misleading because you read ‘door closed’ and not that is closed just from 2 to 3 @yvonnebindi
Ok ok … se qualcuno ha scelto 1-2-4-4-4 su mio consiglio, lo ammetto: ho sbagliato 🙂
Ecco mi sono giocato l’amicizia di @karuso e @cirillof x averli portati a questo talk 🙂 Scusate 🙂
@enricosada agree 🙂 Un caso d’uso per @yvonnebindi #iad11
40PierGLive PierG Live Conf
“abbiamo fatto dei pilot e purtroppo sono andati tutti male” #fattiDelleDomande
E comunque mi sa che sono il più vecchio: una volta non si dava una medaglia al + giovane e al + vecchio? 🙂
“era vietato usare la parola Agile”
.@iliasbartolini with mustaches rocks!!
“ma quanto ci vuole?” “boh!” “allora mettiamo 4 mesi” ROTFL
@cirpo spero di sì: ma mezzo team è qui quindi possono insultarmi in diretta 🙂 /cc@ziobrando #iad11
40PierGLive PierG Live Conf
@iliasbartolini great! I will do with full beard #iad11
40PierGLive PierG Live Conf
And now UX and agile development. What about Agile and UX development next time 🙂
“@Larsaan: @PierGLive “no, 4 sono troppo pochi” “allora quanti?” “metti 6 che stiamo tranquilli”” 🙂
@renatius ‘UX e svilupo agile’ #iad11
I see disclaimers before presentations more and more (‘this is my responsibility and not the one of my company’). Sad? Opportunity?
I’m not a UX guy, I’m a scrummaster’: don’t worry @renatius no one is perfect 🙂  (I’m a scrummaster too 🙂 )
@sleli @gabrielelana è più giovane di quanto sembri? #iad11
“sul sito del comune di Roma non trovo le info su Roma, su Google sì” 🙂
@arialdomartini sometimes I think that many so called agilists have never read it 😉 #iad11
@themetriost 🙂 e io pago!!! O meglio: rimuovo ostacoli 🙂 #iad11
Niente, non decolla
“@KFMolli: Software developers are strategic to software development #nodaiveramente ” 🙂
Some features are mandatory: without them the product is not that product
@karuso non hai mai vista parlare me 🙂 #iad11
“wait a minute: shouldn’t you, Mr.Programmer, know what the app will be supposed to do?”
There is no better moment to describe what you are doing … when you are doing it #ux
@massimoazzolini e grande cu… fortuna? 🙂 #iad11
Shadowing: look and shut up!
UX design: make slides that can be read in the room you are presenting #ux  🙂
Heard the definition of Personas in a presentation for the third time in 1 month: ok, i need to change topic 🙂
(just) 10% of the room is using mockups, the same 10% is probably using #Balsamiq 🙂 bravo @balsamiq 🙂
Is #balsamic the VB of mockups :)?
Card sorting 🙂 Pretty agile: a lot of post it 🙂
Let your UX designers work with your team … together
35% consulenti, 60% part of product team, 30% projects
As human beens we have learnt to plot complex problems to manage them
Planning poker is making democratic the estimation process /cc@lucagrulla
Per stimare quale era la torta migliore ho dovuto fare uno spike ed assaggiarle entrambe poi ho scelto cioccolato e ho ri-mangiato  🙂
Story point is based on complexity
Our goal is project delivery (except for the agile coach) #?@lucagrulla
“@javame: the objective is to release working software not to have a working process @lucagrulla at #iad11” #rivoluzionario 🙂
As a consultant I used to make estimation, now that I estimate for myself things are getting a little bit more difficult 🙂
Estimates are too often as a contract over collaboration or trust (PierG: the opposite of Agile Manifesto 🙂 ) @lucagrulla
Understand how estimates can drive fear (fear driven decision making) @lucagrulla
1 feature of 6SP generates more fear than 3 features of 2SP: but what if that 6SP feature is the killer one? @lucagrulla
Customer development: don’t know what people want so make a feature, learn, pivot @lucagrulla
Acknowledge that velocity driven delivery kills innovation @lucagrulla#IAmASinnerOfThis
Control via visibility: should be a characteristic of the agile-methodology-of-the-day
Bravo @lucagrulla bel talk so far
Signed off stories are not done, are inventory @lucagrulla
Continuous delivery is about feedback: let them use your fuxxing features so you can learn!!! @lucagrulla
@lucagrulla you are assuming everybody is doing web apps only 😉 #iad11
Embrace the truth that deployed working sw is by far the best progress feedback. Don’t need anything more @lucagrulla
When you deliver continuously (and have gained trust) is the estimation process useful? Sometimes yes @lucagrulla
At project inception level, estimates are important. Or when you are a delivery partner (is a contract thou) @lucagrulla
Simplicity is the key. Bravo @lucagrulla one of the best talks I’ve seen today with @yvonnebindi and @cirillof
Can I do continuous delivery in risky environment? It depends: can you identify and elevate what it blocks you?
So, I’m going back home with 8 CVs: I thought they would have been more 🙂
@lucagrulla we can deploy continuously, as x practices and tools, but being a client installation users might not close the app 🙂 #iad11