Last Wednesday I had the chance to go and see the last session of MMove by Carlo Ratti.

Here is my live tweeting, if you are interested:

Carlo Ratti at #MMove #ReggioEmilia
Senseable cities #MMove #ReggioEmilia #CarloRatti
What are smart cities?
Opppsssss … what’s that? 🙂 #MMove
Cities are 2% of the planet it 80% of emissions
We can compare people walking in a town (tracking their mobile) and the path of bus and taxis (with device installed)
Can we foresee a time when a bus can come depending on where the crowd is?
What if in a certain moment it rains in a portion of the city? We might send taxis there
What if we put a tag on rubbish and we track where they are going? The removal chain!
It’s incredible how each piece of rubbish travel all over the US!!
We put some sw on old PCs that are sent to third world countries to see where they go, to tell theirstories
User generated content, like pictures on Flickr that have many tags, can be used for example to see where Americans go when in Italy
Looking at colors in picture (on Flickr) you can for example see areas that are more dry or where there are more parties in RT 🙂
you’ in between physical infrastructure and the digital infrastructure
Smart wheel (for bicycles): energy recovery, regenerative breaking, fitness reading … and lot of sensors connected
The best idea? Is the one that you can physically show! #ShowDontTell
CO, NOx, noise exposure sensors on the smart wheel
How can architecture change thanks to these sensors-feedback new mechanism?
A designer thinks of how people will work with his creature: reality will give surprises anyway 🙂
Obama campaign tought us that we can move from digital, the crowd, to physical
Using the accelerometer of our smartphones we can deduce the kind of transportation you are using (and how much CO2 u are producing)
The conference room at Centro Malaguzzi #MMove