Today I had the chance to follow a short workshop by Larry Leifer, one of the fathers of Stanford Design Thinking methodology.

Here are some hints I wrote:

. “tangible communication: you have to touch and see what we are talking about”
. “prototypes are not to show how good we are but to learn”
. “Managers: let! Let others be creative, let you to be creative, let things happen”
. “I prefer to talk about bodystorming and not brainstorming”
. “when hunting, perceivers go with the flow”
. “design is about the questions we ask: creative language + as many questions as possible”
. “the single frame of attention last 7 seconds: we keep attention repeatedly running through this 7 seconds”
. “a coach helps the team to ask questions and share!”
. “3 friends in a team of 3 is not a good team”

And last but not least: “innovation is like hunting. Would you go hunting lions alone?”

Happy hunting!