Reading this tweet from a former colleagues of mine @gianmarcog (follow him on Twitter, he is cool!!!) I felt the need to get back to the definition of DONE. I don’t agree 100% on the tweet but that’s not the point.

Here is a typical situation I have with my son:

dad, I’m done with my Lego. I go to play a little bit with my DS

Do you want to know what’s my ‘version’ of that sentence? Here it is:

dad, I’m done with my Lego. I’m letting an explosion of 1000 bricks in the floor of my bed room and I move to the clean sofa in the living room where I go to play a little bit with my DS

Not agreeing on the definition of DONE brings a lot of effects:

  • you might feel manipulated  (like in this case where I’m constantly manipulated by a 6yrs old man 🙂 )
  • you never know where you are in what you are doing
  • you cannot plan: is the ‘next step’ really ready to start or not?
  • you become less predictable
  • some activities / projects are never ending (does this sound familiar? 😦 )
  • you loose trust

What else can you add to this list?