Lately I had the chance to listen to a very good talk about Disruptive Innovation by Luke Williams (at Frontiers of Interaction). A lot has been said about innovation lately and this is a ‘flavor’ that deserve to be understood.

Disruptive Innovation is not about finding something ‘new’. We are leaving the information age to go to the creative age due to the high level of uncertainty so Disruptive Innovation is seldom a matter of technology.

We are obsessed, in business, to fix something that’s “broken”. We have learnt to be problem-solving machines: so we often intend innovation as something new that fixe something. With Disruptive Innovation we don’t want to start from what’s broken: we want to start from what’s ALREADY there … that’s often bad products and bad services. And then we want to brake the cliché: break the set of belief that govern the way we do stuff.

This can be done by reversing what everybody thinks it’s true or denying assumptions (or part of them) behind our beliefs.

No matter what technique you use, remember that if an idea doesn’t make you laugh at the beginning, it’s not disruptive enough!