It seems there is another wave, in the internet, about better email management. So after my last posts Tips for better email management – reloaded, here is another useful link: 5 Ways To Survive Your Inbox (courtesy of  Lifehacker).

Here are the 5 points:

  1. Create folders
  2. Create rules
  3. Get it done
  4. Create a hierarchy of  response
  5. Tell people – in your emails – how to work better with you

I don’t like rule 1, the others are already explained in previous post, point number 5 is interesting:

Most people have no idea how to use email. They respond to everyone on an email with a bunch of people who were only cc’d and they’ll do things like send back an email that says, “ok,” as if that adds any value to the chain of communication. You can set the ground rules by putting some insights into your signature file. I’ve seen people with signature files that not only have their contact information, but say things like, “please only respond back to me, the other people who are listed on this email are just there to be kept in the loop,” or, “there’s no need to respond to back me, I just wanted you to see this so that you are kept in the loop.” A little clarity on how you like to interact via email will help keep your inbox clutter down to a dull roar and it will also teach other people new ways that they can use their email with more efficacy

Have a look at the post and let me know what you think.