Lately I’ve been listeing to the Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner podcasts while running. Yes distracting my brain helps a lot in making me running (that’s something I normally hate 🙂 ).

I love the podcasts: there are usually well known and successful entrepreneurs talking about their experience. After listening to the experiences and to the answers of around 20 of them, I’ve extrapolated two classes of entrepreneurs: the “I’m an official startup maker” and the “I don’t know how, but I did it”.

The “I’m an official startup maker” entrepreneur is the one who studied to be an entrepreneur: he’ has often a degree in economics or similar, who studied the technicalities of making a company. They know about raising capitals, about marketing and organizations, .. They often don’t know much about the business domain but they are passionate. They fail a lot and sometimes they are successful.

The “I don’t know how but I did it” entrepreneur is the one who decided it was better “to try” and they just did it … often at the first attempt (especially the ones who are called to talk as successful ones). Their answers to the audience’s questions are often “I don’t know, I just did it” or “you have to believe in yourself” or “you have to fail and try again”. And this is pretty simplistic to me especially when they ‘made it’ at the first attempt.

In this second case it seems a lot that successful startups are lucky breaks, doesn’t it?