I’m travelling in the US meeting relevant IT companies. Here are some of the things I’ve heard or noted:

  1. “sometimes IT guys are so passionate to their products that they forget these products have a purpose”
  2. “customers come here to understand how to save US money or increase productivity or grow the business” -> always about money
  3. “there are no more 18 month projects in IT”
  4. “if the users don’t use it, who cares how cheap it was to build it?”
  5. “top tech concerns for IT enterprise: virtualization, cloud, web2.0, network/voice, BA”
  6. “we will see more social inside cars”
  7. personal note: it’s incredible how product group executives of big IT companies are very competent if compared with Italian ones
  8. “awareness, interest and desire likely predate a purchase decision by years”
  9. “immersive consumer experience”
  10. “motivation for luxury goods are consistent: indulgence, exclusivity, status”
  11. “what’s the Bing web address? Search it on Google” 🙂
  12. “in US a vast % of people use a PC or a smartphone/tablet while watching TV” -> multi screen exposure
  13. personal note: Apple is not good because it’s too close, Android is not good because it’s too open … are these good excuses to build another proprietary solution?
  14. “Silverlight is the answer for Premium Experience, Enterprise and RIA applications over html5”
  15. “vision: stand from the couch!” (talking about gaming)
  16. “you are ‘against’ by definition” – yes against but against anything, I’m agnostic 🙂
  17. “we focus on problems that are culturally relevant”
  18. “we are working hard on digital photography problems”
  19. “one terabyte of storage can hold a picture of you per minute for your entire life”

Pick 3 and share in the comments!