Here are some more things I’ve heard or noted after what I did yesterday on Gathering from the US:

  1. “Traditional IT – unlimited control, limited savings”
  2. “IaaS – Virtual infrastructure hosting VMs & existing applications”
  3. “PaaS – Application focus, elastic capacity, maximu scale out, massive data”
  4. “Saas – Ease of deployment , maximum cost savings”
  5. “Platform as a Service can be seen as a kind of giant computer”
  6. “is cloud about economy of scales?”
  7. “evaluate workload pattern in thinking of cloud”
  8. “cloud is once in a generation kind of change and not (just) for the economics”
  9. “cloud is better, faster, cheaper” (bullshit)
  10. “infrastructure as a service is not leveraging the power of cloud”
  11. “hybrid solutions are the future of enterprises”
  12. “the device type is becoming part of the identity, but even the OS version for example. It’s no more user and pwd”
  13. “also location is a becoming a part of your digital identity”
  14. “unified access gateway for both managed and unmanaged devices”
  15. “the world is converging with vitualization and cloud computing”
  16. “digital media give us a more transparent shopping experience”
  17. “digital commerce drives conversion” so loyalty is even more essential
  18. personal note: also in IT companies, the internal IT is the ‘second choice’ employee 😦
  19. “word of mouth has always been popular … but now word is everywere”
  20. “connect the screens” .. PC, smartphone, tablet, TV …
As I wrote yesterday, pick your choice and share in the comments.