I’ve decided to share this presentation when I read slide number 29:

World of mouth rule #1: HAVE A GREAT PRODUCT

This is a pillar not only for startups (that’s what the presentation is all about) but also for IT Departments in large corporations and it’s an interesting answer to my post Why your IT department sucks: isn’t it?

Think of the IT department product or services: are the extraordinary good? Are they great? … or are they just average (or often below average)?

Yes yes I know the IT ‘corporate story’ (being one of them 🙂 ): they don’t have budget, they are a cost center, they are not seen as ‘the business’, they are the first to be penalized in tough economical periods, no hiring for them, difficult to attract good people but …. that’s the reality: they (we? 🙂 ) sucks because their products suck! Or better, if they would provide great products, they would have treated differently.

By the way, if you want to read the all (interesting) presentation go to: From Zero to a Million Users – Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned.