Agile development addresses this problem [the spiral of distrust] by iterative delivery of system functionality to meet requirements that people know they need today.

via Agile Builds Trust with Fast Feedback | CIO – Blogs and Discussion.

I think this (iteratively meeting user’s expectation) is one of the best options that we have to gain trust, deliver real value, have great products and have fun but …  I don’t think it’s enough. I see for example two effects coming when the loop gets going:

  1. the customer buys in: he is so fascinated by this “new” model that he jumps on board and stop challenging the team toward a better performance
  2. the customer gets used and start kicking because it wants even more … and this lead to less quality (= distrust) or get pushed back.

I don’t necessarily have a solution, if you have one please feel free to share in the comments 🙂