In few days I will be 44.

I don’t like being over 40 but that’s life and in any case I love to be here :).

Since I got 40, when is my birthday,  I read an email that Mark, from Manager Tools, sent me. Today I want to share it with you:

It’s not how much time you have, it’s what you do with it that matters.  You can do nothing about yesterday, you don’t control tomorrow…what are you going to do TODAY to make the world a better place for your wife and son and your friends and company and country and fellow human beings?

“Too many people wish for immortality who are also bored on lazy Sunday afternoons.”

Fill your days with love for your family and friends and your work.  The days will fly by, and death will be hastened…but you will be rich beyond all accounting, and what’s more show your son that a life well-lived is the best answer to time’s inevitable question.

Fill your days!