Another reading idea from the Harvard Business Review site: The Top Six Innovation Ideas of 2011 .

Just to summarize, here they are:

  1. contestification: “crowdsourced contestification is becoming institutionalized as a way firms can grow their own innovation nations”
  2. kepp touching me and I’ll screen: “designing documents to be a sensual physical experience and not just a visually cognitive one demands different aesthetics and sensibilities”
  3. WWWabs: “WWWaboratories are about the real future of virtual value creation. Instead of R&D, what matters is E&S — Experiment & Scale”
  4. that’s quite a coup, onward group: “next year will be the first year that almost half of all American and European shoppers have a digital coupon in their device almost half the times they shop”
  5. from Farmville to Pharmville: “social media-oriented games will finally cross the great divide from the living room and teenager’s bedroom into the workplace. There will be a Farmville counterpart or equivalent that becomes a welcome teaching and/or business simulation and learning tool in the enterprise”
  6. a beautifully designed lobby: “state intervention and involvement in the marketplace is arguably the single biggest gating factor in innovation”

Read it for more details.