PastedGraphic-1Today I have the pleasure to host, in this blog, a guest post from Antonio Calabrese, President and Owner of rippols.

I had the privilege to work with him for some years now, he is and was an advisor, a partner, a source of inspiration, a great counterpart for long lasting discussion about all the topics you read in this blog … always ‘sul filo del vaffan’ 🙂


RippolsActiveIntelligenceLogoWhiteLet me introduce myself. I’m rippols, I’m a drop which may be silently absorbed by a muddy pond of stereotypes, disappointment and pessimism or may generate a foamy, rich and funny wave in the crystal clear water of knowledge, optimism and passion.

I’m yellow like the innovation, the change, the self-esteem and the background of the Ferrari prancing horse. I like to dive in the orange of the knowledge, of the optimism and of the desire to discover and perform. Yellow and orange need to be warmed and incubated by the red of passion, attention for details and love.

I’m a computer guy who discovered that for a wise use of technology we need to develop our personal skills inside and outside of the computer room. We need to practice our capacity to listen and our capacity to architect and advice solutions which are congruent with the cultures and the goals of ourselves and of the organizations and the people that will use them. A good architect is able to use technology to make our lives better, whatever this means. A bad architect doesn’t make our lives better, it just build something for other aims wasting the trust of his patrons.

We should be good architects, not just techies! We should be architechs!

Antonio Calabrese