In preparation to BetterSoftware2010 #bsw2010 , I’ve come through materials from last year conference that I think can be useful.

For example I found the list of the most successful talks of 2009 (and, guess what, you are going to find many of these speakers this year too):

Alberto FalossiImpatto del Web2.0 in azienda
Alex Martelli
Lo sviluppo di software: esperienze, consigli ed idee
Antonio Volpon
Project Management 2.0
Francesco Cirillo
Metodi agili e aumento del ROI
Francesco Fullone
PHP nel mondo Enterprise

Plus I’ve found the BetterSoftware page on Viddler where you can find videos of some of the 2009 presentations.

Please remember that you have time till April, 25th to register