Lately Google has released an interesting feature of his Google Docs suite: the Server Clipboard – Copying and pasting in Google Docs : Text editing – Google Docs Help.

They have found there are some situations in which the standard Copy / Paste feature is not effective. I will underline two:

  • If you want to copy on one computer and paste on another
  • If you want to copy something you aren’t going to paste right away

With the Server Clipboard you can copy = store your selection in the server and have it available for 30 days for pasting.

I think  this is a very good basic idea also to enhance security in corporations: what is good is that the copyed info is not temporary stored on client, but it remains in a server!

Copying stuff from ‘secret’ docs and paste to ‘non secret’ docs is one of the traits Corporate IT has to face once they have secured the perimeter (insider threat), starting from this feature we can imagine a future of  ‘secure copy paste’ where users have no operative limitations but with an higher level of security for the company.

What are your thoughts?