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Thanks to the post Inefficiencies are what make you special in the 37 Signals site, I had the possibility to read an interesting story called: Customer Feedback Not on elBulli’s Menu

It’s about a famous Spanish chef, Ferran Adrià, and the experience he’s going to provide if you are “lucky enough to be one of the 8,000 who get a booking that year”

He has an interesting opinion about innovation and how you should treat requests from your customer (please note that Norton is the Harvard Professor interviewing Adrià):

[there is a ] distinction between understanding and listening to customers. "Adrià’s idea is that if you listen to customers, what they tell you they want will be based on something they already know," Norton observes. "If I like a good steak, you can serve that to me, and I’ll enjoy it. But it will never be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. To create those experiences, you almost can’t listen to the customer."

Is this a paradigm applicable in your business?