Courtesy of Robert S. Donovan, Some Rights Reserved

As usual, when I stay with my son, I get a lot of inspiration.

Few week ago I was explaining to a friend of mine how I changed the way I live my personal life since I’m a father. Mainly:

  1. I keep doing nearly what I used to do before;
  2. I do it respecting, above all, the basic needs of my son: playing, eating at some specific time, sleeping for a certain amount of time at specific time .

So, for example, when I go out for dinner in a nice place I arrive earlier to let him eat at the proper time, I get some small toys to let him play, I go out early.

I think this is the same approach people should use when the need to buy an application for a specific need / process. Implementing a process with the help of a tool: remember not force the application to do what is not built to do, do not force too much the process to follow the tool.

Find a good balance: otherwise you’ll have a bad dinner, your son will be nervous, and you’ll probably ruin the evening.