Courtesy of Daniele Butera, Some Rights Reserved

Interesting post by Michael Hugos called: Agile Software Development Depends on Pair Programming. Michael is at the Agile 2009 conference in Chicago to find about the state of agile software development and live posts about the Pair Programming practice.

A good article especially if you are in some way new to the agile software development paradigms: it gives you a flavor of the benefits of Pair Programming and talks about the Myth of the Hero Programmer.

And I think reality is a bit more complex and we have to remember that the goal is creating value and not adhering to principles or practices. So I agree with what Kent Beck point out in a recent article To Fix Or Not To Fix?: Another Good Question

When I noted that tests needed to be used thoughtfully on the runway I was accused of abandoning my principles, of having no pride, of not being a craftsman. None of these is true, not of testing, not of defects, and not of (coming next) design. The higher principle I follow is to create as much value with my skills and talent as I can.