Courtesy of mikebaird, Some Rights Reserved

I don’t know what success means for you.

Whatever it means, if you deeply think of a moment in which you had true success, I’m sure you can see a person, a face, a color, a landscape, something that had a meaning in that moment for you.

At the same time as you concentrate a little bit more, you can surely hear a voice, a sound or some noise that reminds you that event.

But even more important, I know you can feel something in your stomach, probably the sensation of fear before the success, the effort to reach it and for sure the sense of power it gives when you reach it.

Now, all these things you saw, heard and felt are stick to that power moment and recalling them, remembering them, seeing them again will put you in that state of power again. Being able to stimulate, use this can give you such a push that can really make the difference in everyday life.

Is this the winning attitude? Yes, a part of it and here is why now I know we are ready to win!