I‘ve just read a post by Kent Back called Putting Max on the Back Burner in whish he announces the end of the development of his recent project JUnit Max.

I let you go through Kent’s post to understand why: I just want to share with you the lessons he learned during this project.

Knowing a little bit Kent, a great professional and person, let me say that if he has learnt these lessons, be sure they are something it’s worth reading!

Release early and often. The phrase, “If you aren’t embarrassed, you waited too long to release,” was very helpful to me. […]

Ship it and fix it. The product needs to provide value from the first, but it doesn’t need to provide everyone with value all the time. […] Not reflexively fixing every defect was a hard transition for me, but, often, answering the next business question was my highest priority

End-to-end. […] My ambition for Max was always larger than what I delivered, but implementing something of the service offering, however small, would have communicated that vision more clearly. […]

Cut your losses

Lean startup

Even if this is not probably an happy moment for Kent, I can’t wait looking at his new project!