Courtesy of Evil Erin, Some Rights Reserved

Yes, IT is too difficult and it’s mainly our (IT professional) fault!!

The story: I wanted to send a small video of my son to my mother … and here starts the nightmare:

– some phone calls to agree on the meeting time for the surgery 🙂

– a lot of time and shouting to make her find and push the ‘Accept’ button in Skype to authorize the file download

– almost impossible to determine where the video was saved

– almost impossible to understand the reason why the video was not playing (codec? app? …)

I than decided to use a remote control tool to get her screen and do it myself but:

– I got time to find a free and EASY one

– I failed to use a couple as my mom was not able to connect

– failed to make her install QuickTime

The result: I abandoned the session after around 1 hour and a half!

So … do we need “the next Bing” or an usable IT?