Every time I’m ready to book a conference, I ask the same question to myself: is it a good choice to go there? Are conferences useful?

I’m in the category of workers who do not go to conferences ‘for a living’ … so I choose them carefully and try to understand every time if it’s a good usage of my time and then of the money of my company.

I write here a list of reminders, being back from (a very short) participation to a conference, for next time.

Going to good conferences it is good because (in no particular order):

  1. you always learn new stuff
  2. you adjust your view on things you already know
  3. you compare yourself / your team / your company with others and learn from these differences
  4. you refresh some of your competences going back to the roots or enriching with ‘the new stuff’
  5. you meet often good people, and this is good by itself
  6. you have time to think: think of yourself / your team / your company

Do you want to add something else to the list to convince me to go next time? 🙂