I start from the post “Is SOA Still Dead”, from InfoQ, to share some thoughts:

1. I don’t care if SOA is dead or not, I don’t have a specific relationship with SOA or any other architectural idea or technology

2. I hate sales guys talking about SOA at their first slide, as I hated when they used to talk about XML or outsourcing or … all this pushing is a “circumvention of a person of unsound mind”

3. I hate silver bullets .. or better I’d love silver bullets if they worked

4. I think that when someone wants to adopt / force a new technology, he often has a process or architectural or people problem, not a technical one

5. I love this sentence in the article: “SOA hasn’t failed, what has failed is the next generation lipstick on the pig, buy my technology it will save your problems, do a big project it will fix everything style of IT that has ALWAYS failed.”

Do you want to add something?