Thanks to this post of the CareerRenegade blog, I can point out a great point well explained by Reid Hoffman:

every individual is now an entrepreneur, whether they recognize it or not. . . . Average job length is two to four years. That makes you a small business. . . . You are the entrepreneur of your own small business. How do you get to your next gig? How do you do your career progression? All these things now fall on the individual shoulders

So the point is: don’t ask what your company / boss / … can do to help your growth, ask what you have to do if you want to grow in your working life … whatever ‘growth’ means for you (money, responsibility, knowledge, more free time …).


  1. There are plenty of opportunities around to learn, share, know … use them: don’t be shy 🙂
  2. Learn how to market yourself. Relationship is the key, social networks are of big help: use them properly!